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About the Royal Belgian Palomino...

The studbook is managed by a team of enthusiasts of horses with golden reflections... A passion that is shared and regularly, breeding competitions are organized in a good-natured atmosphere where everyone is happy to meet and admire those that make our heart beat faster.

Who are we?

Our studbook aims to be a studbook close to its members. It has already undergone several changes since 1975. Originally only horses carrying at least one cream gene could be registered or a product resulting from a cross of at least one horse carrying the cream gene. Meanwhile  other coat colors are allowed, following increased demand from breeders and authorities.


Some numbers:

  • Number of horses registered in our studbook: 7965

  • Number of foals born in 2021: 107
    28 palominos
    22 isabelle
    13 cremello
    44 other colors

  • 30 stallions admitted to breeding for 2022

A little history...

A little history

Created in 1974 by diluted horse enthusiasts, it was not until 1999, after 25 years of existence, that the association was recognized as an official studbook.
It will still have taken 10 years of selection for the Belgian Palomino horse to be recognized as its own breed by the Ministry, thus recognizing 35 years of work and selection by breeders motivated by the beauty of the coat of these horses.

The role  from the stud book

The purpose of the studbook is to promote the breeding of quality horses, morphological correct, mentally balanced, allowing everyone to be able to practice both leisure riding and sporting events in all existing equestrian disciplines.
All these horses must also have coat colors, particularities that give them that "little extra" that makes all the difference.

The present and the future.

For a few years now, the studbook has no longer focused solely on the cream dilution gene, but has  also incorporated all new color gene range  (Champagne, Pearl, Pie, etc. ……….) to recognize and record  these horses to value them and select  , in order to obtain a breed of colored horses present and representative of each of our types of horses and ponies, while guaranteeing quality and selection in terms of results and originality of coat.

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