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Sport Horse

An athletic horse with a dress that does not go unnoticed.

The Royal Belgian Palomino sport horse is a horse with a golden mind so that it can be ridden by leisure riders who want to have fun with a beautiful horse but who can have the qualities  sought after in the different equestrian disciplines that an ambitious rider is looking for.



A large, clear and well-opened eye that radiates calmness and intelligence in a fine-featured head..
The neck should be moderately long, well muscled. The head attachment should be light. A long, sloping shoulder and a withers not too prominent but extended behind.
Lean and long limbs with well-developed joints and well-aligned feet as well as well-formed and correctly positioned feet are the basis of this horse.
The back must be strong especially at the joint with the loin, where the back is connected to the hindquarters but with enough elasticity. The croup should be long and have a good angle.
Loose and regular gaits with a well-marked impulsion and balance with rising transitions in gait.

Some horses of the sport horse type

Sport Horse - Sport Pony - Arabian - American - Baroque - Mini - Light Trait

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